About iReport.ie

Why report racism?

People in Ireland experience or bear witness to incidences of racism every day, however for a variety of reasons the vast majority of racist incidents go unreported. We encourage reporting of ALL racist incidents, regardless of their perceived seriousness, to iReport.ie and relevant bodies. Never ignore racism – report it!


It is important to report racism:

  • Unreported racism stays invisible and can not be addressed.
  • Ireland needs to take racism seriously.
  • To change from a culture where people don’t know what to do about racism.
  • To give a voice to and empower those affected by racism.
  • To get a better idea of the extent and nature of racism in Ireland.
  • To take action against those responsible.
  • To devise effective local, national and international strategies for combating racism.
  • To inform our arguments for stronger anti-racist policies at a national level.

To see live data feed on racism in Ireland since January 2015 click here. Download the print ready iReport flyer template here See our Data Protection Policy here

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